Website Promotion Services

We have a selection of website promotion services that are available for promoting your website on the Internet. Our standard service is now renamed the Bronze Package, and our enhanced service renamed the Silver Package. Details of the packages are as follows:

Bronze – £40/year

We will submit your website to the search engines and any relevant free web directories to allow people to find your site. Once a year we will check your website visitor statistics, and make appropriate adjustments to the site if required.

Silver – £95/year

This includes the activities of the Bronze Package, plus monthly monitoring of the website visitor statistics, and making appropriate adjustments to the site if required.

Gold – £165/year

This includes the activities in the Silver Package, plus the monitoring of the position of your website on the 3 major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) on 3 search terms, and optimisation of your website for these search terms. Positions are monitored each month, and a report is sent to you every 2 months by e-mail. We make adjustments to the site to help improve the site ranking as appropriate. We also monitor your incoming links.

Pay Per Click Management

We are able to manage Google Adwords campaigns for you. This is a pay per click system where sponsored ads appear on the Google search listings and you pay for each click through to your website. We select bid terms and the countries in which the adverts appear as appropriate for your business.

We charge a set up fee of £40 and then a management fee of £66 per quarter (3 months), and you then pay Google direct via your credit card for the cost of the clicks incurred. You are able to set a daily spend limit (which we manage), which can be varied at any time to suit your needs.

More info

Please contact us if you would like any more details.